Blog Post 1 – and HELPS

I have been asked to write Blog posts about Educational Technology from a parent’s point of view.  These blog posts are being translated in Mandarin and used to advertise HELPS in the lower mainland BC. HELPS is a partner with

Blog Post 1 – HELPS

As a 21st Century parent, I often feel overwhelmed by the use of technology around me. iPads, iPhones, laptops, computers, mobile learning devices, SMARTboards, wii, PVR’s…there seems to be a name and a “thing” for everything. My biggest frustration stems from “social communication” which seems unending. How many times have you been asked to “like” a business on facebook or check out a “tweet” or “post” for more information. I still have not figured out a way to organize my emails, and now I am offered more options than ever before in gmail (Google+, images, videos,calendars, I often stare in amazement as kids write text messages on their phones at lightening speed. I wonder if we can slow down, or am I always going to feel left behind?

I never liked being left behind, so I have decided to follow the crowd – at my speed. As I previously mentioned, there are too many “tech tools” out there to cover all of them. In the next few weeks, I plan on covering the major influences on my life as a 21st century parent. I will start with finding out what the major trends are in technology and if I see these trends are apparent in my children’s education. If not- I am going to figure out where I can find these trends in education today.

I will start by using the Google search engine to find the top Tech Trends of 2012.

According to the journal (Transforming Education through Technology Journal) the Top 5 Educational Technology Trends are:

1. Personalized Learning Environments
2. eBooks
3. Tablets and Mobile Devices
4. Open Source, not LMS (Eg Khan Academy)
5. Breaking the Digital Divide

In the next few weeks I am going to write about each of these “Educational Trends” and focus on how my children are being influenced (or not) by these trends. The first focus will be on, “Personalized Learning Environments”. Tune in for more….

Verena Roberts BEd, MA, TESL, MET – in progress
CEO- Chief Education Officer,


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