Blog Post 4 – OpenSource vs LMS

What does Open Source mean? What does LMS mean?

A LMS is a Learning Management System. It is the software used by a school district, maintained by a school district server, to store data, information and online courses. Most BC school districts use a Moodle LMS, but there are others like Blackboard and Desire2Learn.
LMS is a contained, secure system controlled by a school district.

In the last few weeks there has been a big debate about what open source means and what opportunities it can mean for the future of education. Open source can mean two things. It can mean open resources that can be found “freely” on the web. It can also mean open  online courses that use blogs, wikis and other “networks” for students to openly complete their work.

Harvard and MIT have recently joined forces to create EdX which will offer free online course to anyone using open sources. These course will be undergraduate level courses. Although you will receive no credits unless you are are Harvard or MIT student, you could take classes from MIT and Harvard professors and learn with a wide variety of students from around the world.

These  open online courses are also known as MOOC course – Massive Open Online Courses and have been offered for the last fours years on a variety of topics for undergraduate and graduate students. Like

I am working on creating a “miniMOOC” for a K-12 audience students this summer. It is called #DigiFoot12 . It will be based on Digital identity and is encouraging students, parents and teachers to participate together in a free open environment.The website is:

I encourage you to learn more about “open sources” and where “open learning” can take you.

Verena Roberts BEd, MA, TESL, MET – in progress
CEO- Chief Education Officer,


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