Parent Engagement in Student’s Learning

I had the opportunity to attend ConnectED Canada on the weekend. It was hosted by the Calgary Science School – truly an inspiration in Inquiry Based learning and student accountability in their own learning. While CSS students blew me away with their insightful and proud reflections on their learning, I was also pleased to see CSS parents included in the conference. In fact, some of the parents even presented a session on parent engagement in the school.

I firmly believe that language and technology are not just learned at school – they are learned at home as well. How many parents read with their children? Help their kids finish their homework? Work on “projects” with their kids?

The next step is making that connection with your child by “observing” and becoming aware of their interaction in Social Media. While it may seem like the most difficult thing that you have ever done – you want to know what your kids are doing and who they are connected with.

This blog post by Royan Lee really gives you a visual of how and why you need to connect with your kids about what they are leanring at home through social media.


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