We start tomorrow!

I am so excited as I see participants start to sign up into #DigiFoot12. It has been months of preparation and I am like a kid before Christmas. In this course, we will all be learning together. I will be learning how to facilitate a MOOC like course AND about social media/digital footsteps – completely open, networked and online. Can it be done? Yes….Will people participate, comment and engage in new ideas? I hope so….That is my biggest challenge as a facilitator, how to be the “guide on the side” in an online course and focus on “Inquiry Based Learning” – What are we going to learn and how are we going to learn it? I won’t be “giving” the answers or the content, I can only encourage and support other’s learning. I’m so facinated by the content of the course, the design process and now the Instructional process…I could explode! So many things to learn…The best is yet to come! See everyone in Blackboard Collaborate @ 7pm MST tomorrow night! Check out: http://digifoot12.wikispaces.com/ for more details!

Verena 🙂


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