My name is Verena Roberts. I have 3 kids and 2 of them are in language programs at their schools. One is in a Spanish Bilingual School, and one is in a French Immersion School, the other is too young to go to school yet.

As a parent who does not speak Spanish, I wanted to create a resource for parents to refer to. It has been created in the hopes of being a collaborative creation – so any feedback/links and ideas are greatly appreciated.

This is a bit about me professionally:

Verena Roberts has worked as a f2f teacher and virtual teacher. She has worked in private and public schools in Western Canada, Montreal and in Singapore. She has taught from pre-K to University level students. She is engaged in her own learning (currently completing a MET thorugh UBC) and is lucky to follow the footsteps of her own children in their learning as well. She is currently working for as their Chief Education Officer, primarily in curriculum development and teacher training. She is also an EdTech Consultant. She is proud to live in Calgary AB and strives to collaborate and encourage the use of technology throughout education.






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